When I was first introduced to Bec I knew that her delicate sensitivity was the perfect fit to bring Sunny’s magical dragon, “Sippy” to life. This was no easy task because “Sippy” was born from a little girls imagination and he needed to be drawn as she, a 3 yr old, sees him. From the very beginning Bec followed “Sippy and Sunny” as they guided her through their story, creating something truly magical on every page. It has been an absolute joy for us to share this project with Bec. There is something very special about her. Even though she has exhibited in galleries all around the world, her fondest memories are of sitting at her Nan’s table with pencils and paper. In her heart she is still that little girl who loves nothing more than to draw.

We love you Bec Winnel !


Cecile Lamarque is the kind and gifted french kindergarten teacher who brought our dream of Sippy et Sunny and Rêves d’eucalyptus to life in her beautiful french language. We will always be eternally grateful for the kindness and generosity of Cecile Lamarque !

Merci beaucoup Cecile xxx


I heard Joel, Molly and Charlie sing, long before I met them. My daughter in-law (their cousin) Sheree, had bought their album “The Family Tree”, back from a visit to the family farm and we just couldn’t stop playing it! The honesty and the purity of their music can’t help but draw you into their world, where their love for one another reaches out and makes your heart smile. Sounds like an exaggeration, wait till you hear it ! Their band consists of Mum Amy, on tin whistle and flute, Dad Rob, on guitar and harmonica, little Pop on guitar, granny Annie on accordion and of course, the amazing Imeson children on guitar, violin and ukuleles. Getting to know this family only confirmed what we had felt through their music. Joel, Molly and Charlie are not only beautiful and talented, they are loving and caring, reminding you of everything that is good and true in the world. We are so very grateful that they agreed to be part of our video and album “eucalyptus dreaming.”

Thank you xxx


Brigitte May is a multi talented young artist whose love of the natural world stems from her childhood. Growing up on a farm with her three sisters surrounded by animals, paddocks and streams was the perfect environment for this young girls imagination. Brigitte’s sense of wonder and beauty has been truly nourished as she captures the innocence and gentleness of her world in every brush stroke she paints.

From The Viking Boy to Sippy, Brigitte's magic can be felt on every page..  


Judith Mary Davidson Is a beautiful soul who has been drawing and painting her whole life, sharing her sweet characters with her children, grandchildren and the many lucky little ones she has cared for.

There is something very special about Jude that can be felt through her work. A tenderness for the characters that she paints which cannot help but touch your heart. In a way I feel Jude reveals herself through her art reminding us of the beauty in purity



Since the moment we met Simon we have been continually blown away by his amazing talents as he moves his considered hand over every aspect of Unclebearskin Productions. From book design to our website, from the initial concept through every stage of production, Simon’s creative wand is evident in every project. Never more so than on Unclebearskin's ABC... where every page illustrates his true genius for design. It would be fair to say he has become one of our greatest assets... but it is his sensitive soul and genuine heart that has truly given us the greatest gift.

We are forever grateful that Simon chose to become part of our family as together we continue on our magical journey.


Has a genuine connection to the animal kingdom that brings a unique sensibility to her work.

Her passion for the natural world cannot help but become ours as her portraits bring their very essence to life.
Her work is a joyous celebration of colour as it excites our senses and invites our imagination  into her magical world. It has been an amazing journey working with Cat Lee her sensitive and delicate soul are a blessing to all that know her.

I am honoured to call her my friend and feel truly blessed that she has become a part of the Unclebearskin family.