Photography Kara Rosenlund for  Country Style

Photography Kara Rosenlund for Country Style


When I was asked from the earliest age what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would proudly state “a mother”. It would make people laugh. They didn’t think I understood the question. The fact is, that was all I ever really wanted to be. Women’s lib was at full force in the 60’s. University, career, travel, all possibilities for women for the very first time and my dreams and aspirations were… motherhood!

As a child I remember being cuddled up in bed with my little sister telling her stories, where the queen of all the fairies {who lucky for her was me} ruled supreme over the fairy kingdom! Sometimes in the dark, to their terror, I would tell scary stories to my cousins and little brother. To me, the sum of their fear equaled the quality of the story telling. I would relate stories to my parents about school, mimicking the teachers and I would keep going until they couldn’t breathe with laughter. Which is a bit weird seeing I hated school so much and spent my days trying to figure out ways not to go, counting the years, months and days until I could leave. Which I did on my 15th birthday.

All my dreams and aspirations were realised at 19 years old when my baby daughter was born and the years that followed with four sons. Everything I wanted to teach them I put in a story. Now they are grown up, they would say I talk too much and they don’t need to hear all these stories but lucky for me I have grandchildren, who haven’t heard all my stories. The only difference is, I now have the time to write them down, so my great, great, great grandchildren will still hear my voice and hopefully it will make them smile.